Aim training for CS 2 and other games

We present to you an application that was created for training aiming for the CS 2 game. What is aim? Aim is the ability to quickly and accurately aim at a target, which is a very important factor in shooter games. The application is suitable for training aiming as it is easy to use and does not require any registration. Choose one of the modes (Challenge or Training) and train directly online.

Briefly about the application settings. It is possible to change the type of targets, sight, sound volume and change the mouse cursor to sight. Turn the sound on or off as you see fit. More details about each mode are below in the description.

Two modes of training aim for CS 2

Challenge is a mode that literally translates as Challenge. The application throws it to you - your task is to hold out as long as possible, destroying the appearing targets. Even for a professional, this is quite a challenge. You have three lives, each equating to one missed target. After losing, you will receive your statistics, which indicate the time (Total time), percentage of accuracy of hits (Accuracy), the number of hits on the targets (Targets hits) and the final number of targets per second (Final targets / s). This mode will allow you to develop accuracy and reaction, which will help you in CS 2 and in other games.

Training is a mode consisting of nine mods for training aiming. Let's list them: for speed, for accuracy, for sharpness, double shot, aiming, for time, for reaction, autobalance and customizable. In each of the modes, you can customize the workout specifically for yourself. Three main parameters can be changed in each mode:

  1. Target appearance rate per second (Target duration);
  2. Field size in pixels (Grid size);
  3. Target size in pixels (Target size).

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