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Celebrities who play CS:GO Articles

CS:GO is one of the most famous games in the world, with more than a million people playing every day, so there must be some celebrities among these numbers. Have you ever wondered which sportsmen play CS:GO? This time we've highlighted a few people you probably didn't know about who loved to play Counter Strike in their free time.

Neymar is a CS:GO fan

In place No. 1, we put one of the most famous football players of our time, the Brazilian Neymar. He has repeatedly supported top home teams through his Twitter account and also played matches with two MIBR members, Fallen and Coldzer, on several occasions. Also during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he posted a clip on his Instagram of him playing a competitive match with teammates.

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Jonas Jerebko is not averse to spending time playing CS:GO

The second person on this list is NBA player Jonas Jerebko, who also makes no secret of his passion for esports. The Swede from the Golden State Warriors is not only a big fan of CS:GO, but in 2016 he also bought the well-known organization Renegades, which he still owns.

Mark Hunt fell in love with CS:GO for a long time

The next celebrity we've highlighted is mixed martial artist Mark Hunt. The New Zealander has been a fan of Counter Strike games since the old version 1.6, and in his book he published a very interesting moment from his life. In one CS:GO match, he got into such a fight with a character that he asked for his address. Fortunately for him, the guy gave him his and he lived very close by. Mark went to his door, where a ten-year-old boy was waiting for him. He referred to it as an event he's not very proud of, but it's just proof that you can't be rude to people online.

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Another Brazilian footballer who is crazy about Valve's shooter. Casemiro streams CS:GO on Twitch and admits that during the rink he experiences even more than in matches at the Santiago Bernabeu: “I feel more pressure on the streams when people are watching live only on my game. That's what makes streaming different from football matches."

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