Free skins CS:GO – Sites with freebies and no deposit

Free skins CS:GO - Sites with freebies and no deposit Guides

Skins are the most important aspect of CS:GO’s popularity. Now, this is not just a paint job for your weapon, but also a whole currency. Therefore, we will tell you how to get free skins that can be sold in the future. Most sites without a deposit and with the ability to withdraw skins. Below is a list of more than twenty resources where you can get a skin for free. So, you can start.

Free skins for csgopolygon

CSGOPOLYGON — is the best and most popular site for getting free skins. Therefore, we start with him. We go to the site using the link, go through verification and enter the promo code FORBETS, for which we get free 2000 coins, which is equal to 1 dollar.

Free skins for csgofail

CSFail — we already wrote about this site in the promo codes section, where we said that you enter the CSGAMER promo code and get a bonus item worth $0.5.

Free skins for Hellstore

HELLSTORE — just follow the link or register the promo code CSGAMER1 to get a bonus of $1. There is an opportunity to sell your skins and buy new ones.

Free skins for csgofast

CSGOFAST — follow the link (automatically activated) or enter the promotional code EZFREE. Thus, we get coins and display them in skins. The site also has free coin farming, as well as a bunch of freebie raffles.

Free skins for csgoup

CSGOUP — is a high freebie rate site. With a promo code, EZCASH offers free skins in the amount of $0.1 to $10 dollars, free keys, top-up bonuses and distributes promo codes on the balance daily. Minimum withdrawal from $1.

Free skins for ggdrop

GGDROP — a site that gives a free case rotation and an 11% deposit bonus. Just follow the link and use the unique promo code EZFREE.

Free skins for csgorun

CSGORUN — is a very popular site with a Crash game mode, where promo codes are very often played on the social media group. Promo code for the site: CSGAMER.

Free skins for CSGF

CSGF.LIVE — follow the referral link and get a free chest for 50 coins. By placing bets, you get free chests.

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Free skins for csgetto

CSGETTO — to get a bonus on this site (4 skins), you need to follow the affiliate link. Plus, you get a free case every day.

Free skins for knifex

KnifeX — is another site with a game mode in the form of an increase in the coefficient, where you also get $0.5 on the balance using the CSGAMER promo code.

Free skins for cscase

CSCASE — this is a popular site for opening cases, where you also get a free case with the CSGAMER promo code or if you follow the link.

Free skins for rustreaper

RUSTReaper — although the site is dedicated to the game RUST, you can get a free skin. To do this, enter the CSGAMER promo code and get 500 coins to your account.

Free skins for csgowin

CSGOWIN — go to the site, enter the CSGAMER promo code and get a bonus item equivalent to $0.5. There is also a wheel of fortune, which also gives bonuses. Another freebie in the form of a bonus for a link to a site in a nickname. The longer the link you have in your nickname, the more bonus you will receive.

Free skins for bloodycase

BLOODYCASE — enter the promotional code BLCGZOD and get $0.65 instantly on your balance, as well as a deposit bonus. There are also 5 starter free cases on the site.

Free skins for gifty

GIFTY.GG — is a site where you can get free skins by completing simple tasks. Yes, you will have to spend time, but you will also get much more expensive skins than on other sites just for a promo code.

Free skins for hotpizza

HOTPIZZA — website for opening CS:GO cases. Enter the promo code CSGAMER or follow the link to get $0.5. We use it to open cases, especially since they are all cheap.

Free skins for csgoempire

CSGOEmpire — popular roulette in CS:GO theme. Use the promo code CSGAMERRU and get 500 coins, which is equal to $0.5 for games.

Free skins for lootrun

LOOTRUN — a site with many cases where you can get as many as 3 free CS:GO cases. Just enter the promo code CSGAMER or follow the link on the left.

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Free skins for somacase

SOMA CASE — again a site with a free case and again a site for opening them. Enter promo code 395417 and get a freebie.

Free skins for csgocock

CSGOCOCK — a site with a Crash game mode, where by activating the promo code 8bbwd, you can get $0.3, which would be nice to multiply! There are also a lot of bonuses for subscriptions.

Free skins for gocases

GOCASES — in this case, you need a smartphone to install this application. It allows you to perform the simplest tasks and receive coins for this, which can be easily exchanged for skins. Free promo code for 350 coins CSGAMER350 and CSGAMER5 for 5 free coins (you can enter 30 times). The app has a score of 4.6 with over 60 thousand reviews.

Free skins for csgoroll

CSGORoll — for registration and entering the CSGAMERRU promo code, they give the opportunity to open three free cases. In addition, 5% for replenishment and various draws.

Free skins for на gamdom

Gamdom — promo code CSGAMERRU or following the link gives coins on this site. As well as on other sites, there are many other different bonuses.

Free skins for csgo500

CSGO500 — all according to the old scheme, where we enter the CSGAMER promo code or follow the link and get 500 BUX. Bonuses such as: BUX for social media subscriptions, free wheel spins and draws on weekends await you.

Free skins for wtfskins

WTFSkins — go to the site and enter the CSGAMERRU promo code to receive $0.4, and do not forget to pick up the daily gift.

Free skins for csgotune

CSGOTUNE — is a generous site that allows you to get free spins, free coins and enter the promo code 213480 or follow the link to get it all for free.

Free skins for tradeit

Tradeit — use the promo code CSGAMER and get a $0.5 bonus.

Free skins for easydrop

EasyDrop — enter the promo code 3226052 and get 10 cents (open the case), as well as a 30% deposit bonus.

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Free skins for givedrop

GIVEDROP — follow the link or enter the give-524373 promo code for a free case worth $1.5. In addition, you get a 30% deposit bonus.

Free skins for rollbit

Rollbit — follow the link or enter the CSGAMER promo code, thereby getting a free $0.5 and a 10% bonus to replenishment on the site.

Free skins for stepx100

Stepx100 — according to the standard, the site gives about 5 cents according to the CSGAMER promo code, but it can give more, if you are lucky.

Free skins for game arena

GAME ARENA — there is no promo code for this site, you must follow the link in order to work as an invitation. So, the invited player gets 2 free cases and 500 Arenums (site currency). Free cases are dropped after tournament matches, where you can play many popular online games.

Free skins for digital pass

DIGITAL PASS — free skins for completing tasks. In addition to skins, you can win a computer, monitor, keyboard and more.

Free skins for clickloot

ClickLoot — is again a site for getting free skins by performing simple tasks. Everything is very simple and plus free coins every day.

Free skins for csgochiken

CSGOCHIKEN — is a site for many freebies. The very first, of course, the CSGAMER promo code for free $0.5 and 50% to the top-up. Then, you can subscribe to the site’s social accounts networks, for each you get 100 coins. Also, free 100 coins every 24 hours. Plus free cases for levels.

Free skins for idle-empire

Idle-empire — here you just need to follow the link to get 500 coins.

Free skins for gamesportbet

Gamesportbet — is a free subscription to accurate esports betting predictions, with which you can multiply skins.

Free skins for csgopositive

CSGOPOSITIVE — is a site for e-sports betting, where by clicking on the link, you will receive 30 free bet coins for registration.

Above is a video on how to get freebies in CS:GO. In the comments below, we share other sites where you can get free skins. If you liked it, then check out our other articles in the Guides section.

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