Free spinner for CS:GO via console

Free spinner for CS:GO via console Guides

Many CS:GO players have met with cheaters who spin around their axis very quickly and kill all enemies with the first shot. This is how the cheat, called "twist", works. It has become so popular that you can surprise, scare or play a trick on your rivals or allies by using the spinner. To do this, you do not need to quickly move the mouse manually, especially because of the pauses it will be noticeable that you are doing this, and not some kind of “cheat”. Therefore, we bind the twist through the console.

Spinner in CS:GO via console

So, open the console and enter the following console command there:

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alias +spinbot «m_yaw 999»;alias -spinbot «m_yaw 0.022»;bind «x» +spinbot

Done, now when you click on the x button (you can make any button in the team), we turn the mouse and our sensitivity increases very much, because of which we can spin very quickly, like with a cheat.

Attention! When you exit the CS:GO game, the console command will stop working and you will have to enter it every time you enter the game. In order not to enter every time, you need to add the command to the config.

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