How to add bots to CS:GO – Console command

How to add bots to CS:GO Guides

When you start your server in CS:GO, you can be completely alone on the map. To fix this, you can add bots to the CS:GO game. How to add bots to CS:GO using the console command will be discussed further.

First of all, we go into the match where you are the map administrator, since only he can add and remove bots in CS:GO. Once logged in, open the console using the tilde key (it must be enabled in the game settings) and enter the following console commands there:

How to add bots to CS:GO

  • bot_add_t - adds a bot only for the terrorist team.
  • bot_add_ct - adds a bot only for the counter-terrorist team (special forces).
  • bot_add - adds a bot to the team with the fewest players. In case of equal distribution, randomly.

Done, bots are added, but the limit on the number of players remains. So, for example, in competitive mode, you will not be able to make the number of bots more than five per team. To fix this, you need to remove the player limit and autobalance in CS:GO.

To remove auto-balance for the number and players for one team, enter the console command mp_autoteambalance 0. To enable auto-balance, enter this command, but only with the number one. We disable the limit of players for one team using the command mp_limitteams 0.

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To completely remove bots in CS:GO, enter the bot_kick command, and to remove them for one round, use the bot_kill command.

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