How to cheat StatTrak™ counter in CS:GO in several ways

How to cheat StatTrak™ counter in CS:GO Guides

Skins in the CS:GO game, in addition to quality and rarity, are divided into two more types - these are ordinary skins and are exactly the same, but only with a StatTrak™ counter, which are more expensive than ordinary skins. This StatTrak™ counter allows you to enter the statistics of your kills from this weapon, which will be visible to all other players. A high kill rate indicates your skill with this weapon. But it is possible to wind up the StatTrak™ counter in a legal way and fully automatically. How and where to do this will be discussed further.

Automatic way to cheat counter StatTrak™

We go into the CS: GO game, click play and find the "List of community servers". Go to the "Favorites" tab and click "Add". Enter one of the following IPs there:

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Another way to access the server via IP is using the console and the entered command connect

Log in to the server and select the required weapon with the StatTrak™ counter. We approach the enemy and enter the command +attack into the console, which turns on automatic shooting. After cheating, turn off auto shooting with the -attack command. Done, everything is done automatically and there is no need to press LMB.

How to find an IDLE server to cheat a StatTrak™ counterHow to find an IDLE server to cheat a StatTrak™ counter

If the above listed servers do not work, then you can find them yourself. To boost the StatTrak™ counter and unlock all the achievements, CS: GO created a separate type of servers called IDLE. To find them, we also go to the "List of community servers", but already in the "Internet" tab.

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A large list of servers will open, but click "Filter" and where Map is set to idle. After that, we update the list of all servers and go to any server, and then wind up the counter or achievements. Players standing AFK do this in order to get a free skin or case at the end of the round.

How to reset the StatTrak™ counter

It's very simple, we put a skin with a StatTrak™ counter for sale on the Steam trading platform and remove the lot from sale. It is desirable to make the price high so that your skin is not intercepted.

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