How to enable the console in CS:GO in different ways

How to enable the console in CS:GO in different ways Guides

The console is a window for entering commands, cheat codes, and usually it is invoked with the tilde key "~". With the help of the console in CS:GO, you can customize the game for yourself, prescribe many different commands that can improve your game, help you adjust the game the way you need it. You won't be able to open the console right away, because it was initially disabled in the game. For this reason, in this guide, we will tell you in what ways you can turn on the console in a CS:GO game.

Turn on the console in the CS:GO game itself

To turn on the console, go to CS:GO and perform the following steps in order:

  1. Click on the gear "Settings menu";
  2. Next, go to the "Game" tab;Next, go to the "Game" tab
  3. Find in the parameters "Enable developer console (~)" and change the value to "Yes";Enable developer console (~)
  4. So that is all! In order to activate the console, press the "~" key.
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Launch the console through the CS:GO launch options

For this method, we do not need to launch the CS:GO game, it is enough:

  1. We go to the library of games on Steam;
  2. You must right-click on CS:GO;
  3. Next, open the "Properties";Next, open the “Properties”
  4. Immediately in the "General" parameters, we find the "Launch Option" field;
  5. We enter the inscription "-console" there as in the screenshot;We enter the inscription "-console" there as in the screenshot
  6. Restart or go to the CS:GO game.

Ready! Have a nice game! We hope this article was helpful to you. We advise you to look at all the guides where the console is used or learn about all the console commands in CS:GO.

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