How to log into a server in CS:GO – Find a server by IP

How to log into a server in CS: GO - Find a server by IP Guides

Each server in CS:GO has its own unique IP, which is the address for connecting other computers. You don't need to know the IP to start playing matchmaking. For community servers, the situation is different. You know the IP, but you do not know where to enter it in order to enter the server. Then in this guide we will tell you how to find and enter the CS:GO server in two ways.

connect server

The first way is to connect to the CS:GO server using the console command. We go into the game, turn on the console and enter the command connect (the server IP is an example, so we enter the one you need).

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Perhaps you do not know the IP server on which you are playing, but you need to know it. Now, in order to find out the IP of the server, enter the status command into the console. The first line shows which server you are connected to.

The second way to enter the server via IP is to click on the play button in the main menu, instead of the "Official matchmaking" select the "Community server list" tab.

We go to the Favorites tab, in the lower right corner we find the Add button. The server IP input window will appear. The main advantage of this method is that the server will remain on the list and it will be easy to find it.

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In the History tab, a list of the servers you played on earlier. If something remains unclear, we recommend watching a fresh video on this topic.

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