How to remove autobalance in CS:GO and turn off the player limit

How to remove autobalance in CS:GO Guides

On all servers in the CS:GO game, the team auto-balance mode works by standard, regardless of whether it is an official server or a community server. This was done for a more honest and interesting game. The outcome of a match, for example, three players against nine is more than obvious. However, there are times when it is necessary to turn off auto-balance, for example, when playing multiple players against many added bots.

In this guide, you will find a console command that removes auto-balance in CS:GO and in one go we will show you how to disable or set a limit on the number of players.

How to disable autobalance in CS:GO?

To disable auto-balance in CS:GO, a single console command has been created. Open a console command and enter the following text:

  • mp_autoteambalance 0

Autobalance is disabled, and to turn it back on, you need to change the value of zero in the command to the value of one (0/1). The server admin must register the command, if it does not work, then turn on the cheat mode using the sv_cheats 1 console command.

Please note that earlier the command to disable autobalance looked like this: mp_autobalance 0. However, at the moment it is completely inoperative.

How to remove autobalance in CS:GO

How to turn off the player limit in CS:GO

If a match is created in which teams play 5 on 5, which is ten in total, by turning off auto-balance, against one player on the opposing team, the number of places will still be five. This is why it is necessary to disable the limit in CS:GO. Turning off the limit of players in the match is a completely different console command.

  • mp_limitteams 0
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How to set a player limit in CS:GO

To set a limit on the number of players in one team, enter the console command mp_limitteams 3, where the number three means the maximum allowed number of players in each team. Naturally, you can set your own value.

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