How to Throw a Knife in CS 2 – Console Command

How to Throw a Knife in CS:GO - Console Command Guides

Most Counter-Strike players, from pros to beginners, know that the only weapon that cannot be thrown away is the knife. However, in the CS 2 version, this feature is present, but does not work on the public servers of the game. In this guide, we will briefly talk about how to throw a knife in a CS 2 game.

The first step is to enable cheat mode. This is done using the sv_cheats 1 console command. This already means that the method works only on servers with cheats enabled, and that this is a mandatory console command.

We made sure that the cheat mode is enabled, then we use the console command mp_drop_knife_enable 1. Done, now we are trying to throw the knife using the standard G key. The result should be as in the screenshot below.

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How to Throw a Knife in CS 2

To turn off the knife drop, you must either turn off the cheat mode, or write the same command, but instead of the number 1, use the number 0.

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