The best and most affordable agents in CS 2 – Top for counter-terrorists and terrorists

The best and most affordable agents in CS 2 - Top for counter-terrorists and terrorists Guides

In 2019, with the release of the "Broken Fang" operation in the game CS:GO, a new type of skins called agents was introduced. Agents (characters) can now be purchased by players for use in the game. Each agent has its own unique appearance, costume, voice lines, and animations, which do not affect gameplay mechanics or balance. Currently, CS 2 offers over 63 agents to choose from, with prices ranging from $2 to $90. We have compiled the TOP-3 cheapest agents for both terrorist and counter-terrorist sides in our opinion.

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, the cost of agents has significantly increased and continues to rise. Whereas previously available agents were priced at approximately up to $2, their price now ranges from $3 to $6. Therefore, please note that the prices mentioned here are accurate as of the publication date of this article. Updated on 04.04.2024.

The rise in the cost of agents in CS 2

The best cheap agents for terrorists in CS 2

On the trading platform, skins for terrorist-side agents are valued slightly lower than those for counter-terrorist-side agents.

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The Elite Mr. Muhlik Elite Crew

The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew
Cost: $5.5

Our top agents for terrorists start with the third place, occupied by "The Elite Mr. Muhlik". Acquiring this agent, you invest in a stylish skin from the available budget segment, which, despite its small popularity among players, gives your character a unique appearance. This agent stands out for its appearance due to its mohawk hairstyle and facial features. His standard outfit is characteristic of all agents from the "Elite Crew".

Agent Description:

First appeared operating as an 'Acquisitions Consultant' for arms industry magnates, Mr. Muhlik quickly worked his way on to many Most Wanted lists worldwide. Unconfirmed reports suggest he is the last surviving heir to a recently-deposed Middle Eastern monarch. With evidence of elite military training, international private education, and numerous international bank accounts, it's suspected Mr. Muhlik is maneuvering to rebuild sovereign power over his family's historical lands.

Maximus Sabre or Dragomir Sabre

Maximus | Sabre or Dragomir | Sabre
Cost: both around $2.7

In second place in our ranking are two agents, available for selection and roughly equal in cost on the trading platform. Agents Maximus and Dragomir have different head characteristics. Additionally, Dragomir is equipped with a different type of headgear, a hood, and sunglasses, while their clothing is identical. Preference should be given to Maximus for his intimidating appearance and distinctive facial features, setting him apart from standard agents.

Agent Description:

Motivated by a simmering inner rage and a lifelong obsession with vengeance for transgressions large, small, and seemingly insignificant, Maximus is Sabre's first choice for close quarter mission support. No grudge is too small to be repaid in blood.

A man of few words, Dragomir is disturbingly patient. Known for holding position for days at a time, some say he's one of Sabre's best marksman. Others say he's napping. No one really knows.

Rezan The Ready Sabre or Rezan the Redshirt Sabre

Rezan The Ready | Sabre or Rezan the Redshirt | Sabre
Cost: both around $4

The first place in our ranking is occupied by two agents named Rezan with a slight difference in price. Unlike the previous agents, they have identical faces and hairstyles, but their clothing differs in color. The agent "Rezan The Ready" is presented with a gray collar and sleeves, a burgundy jacket, and light pants. On the other hand, "Rezan the Redshirt" features a red collar, orange and gray sleeves, a light jacket, and dark pants. The stylish design of the sleeves complements well with various glove skins.

Agent Description:

An expert grenadier and the once-celebrated author of The Joy of Preparedness, Rezan the Redshirt is Sabre's self-appointed Head of Operations. Over time, Rezan has learned to control his fiery temper—now he wears his explosive rage on his sleeves.

Best cheap agents for counter-terrorists in CS 2

On the trading platform, counter-terrorist agents are slightly more expensive than terrorist agents. However, we have selected the best ones available at a lower price.

Operator FBI SWAT

Operator | FBI SWAT
Cost: $5.4

Opening the list of the best counter-terrorist agents, we start with the FBI Operator: SWAT. Although this agent may not be visually impressive, it represents an interesting combination of functionality and style. He is dressed in a light balaclava with FBI patches on his uniform and cap, and also wears a bulletproof vest, a belt with grenades, and rifle magazines. He will definitely stand out among standard counter-terrorist skins in gas masks. However, in our opinion, the price for such an agent is slightly inflated, so it takes third place in our ranking.

Agent Description:

Members of the FBI's SWAT team are deployed in high-risk situations. Counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and bomb defusals are a few of the many disciplines FBI SWAT agents specialize in.

Seal Team 6 Soldier NSWC SEAL or 3rd Commando Company KSK

Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL or 3rd Commando Company | KSK
Cost: $6.5 and $7.8

In second place on our list are two agents who look very similar externally but represent different units. The soldier from SEAL Team 6 serves in the NSWC SEAL unit of the United States. He wears a bulletproof vest, carries a large supply of ammunition in the form of rifle magazines, and likely equipped with bomb defusal shears, with night vision goggles on his helmet. The agent from the Third Commando Company is very similar to the previous one but carries less ammunition, has a larger radio on his chest, and wears an orange shemagh. Night vision goggles are absent from his helmet. Both agents look magnificent and courageous, with just a $1 difference in price, so the choice is yours.

Agent Description:

Combat-ready and hungry for wins, SEAL Team 6 soldiers know how to get the job done.

An elite soldier from Germany's Kommando Spezialkräfte, members of 3rd Commando Company are hand-picked to be part of KSK's Operational Forces.

'Two Times' McCoy USAF TACP or 'Two Times' McCoy TACP Cavalry

'Two Times' McCoy | USAF TACP or 'Two Times' McCoy | TACP Cavalry
Cost: both around $4

At the top of our ranking is the agent "Double" McCoy, with one serving in the Air Force TACP, and the other in the Cavalry TACP. The uniform of the USAF TACP agent is dark green with a gray collar (shemagh), while the Cavalry agent's uniform has a light green pattern with a yellow collar. Unlike the previous agents, the agent's face is not concealed, revealing the image of a bearded and rugged man. Additionally, the cost of both agents is nearly half, available for just around $4 each. In our opinion, this is the best choice in terms of price and quality ratio.

Agent Description:

'Two Times' McCoy earned his nickname by completing TACP's field training twice. Official records mark this up to a scheduling mix-up, but his teammates report restraining him from completing the trifecta. With inhuman reserves of physical and mental stamina, McCoy often finds himself the last person standing at the end of any conflict—physical and verbal alike.

The best agents for the result

After the addition of agents to the game CS:GO, they had differences in head hitbox sizes (in percentages). This meant that it was slightly easier to hit the head of some agents, while it was harder for others, which created an imbalance in the game. However, with the release of the new version Counter-Strike 2, head hitboxes have been standardized for all agents.

We have selected agents for both terrorists and counter-terrorists whose appearances make them less noticeable to the opponent. This means that it will take the opponent more time to recognize you as a potential target.

Prof. Shahmat Elite Crew

Prof. Shahmat | Elite Crew
Cost: $3.3

Previously, the "Prof. Shahmat" agent was randomly obtained and was included in the list of standard characters. Currently, this character is available as a paid skin. The main feature of this character is his bald head with tanned skin. This gives a slight advantage on maps dominated by sandy terrain, such as Mirage, Anubis, and others. Thanks to the color of the head and upper clothing, which blends in with the environment, your chances of being noticed and attacked are reduced.

Agent Description:

After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Prof. Shahmat began teaching to impart knowledge. With every class Shahmat realized his pupils didn't have the same revolutionary desires that he did. Recognizing that his mind was beginning to dull, he decided to seek a new challenge—mastering the art of war.

Special Agent Ava FBI

Special Agent Ava | FBI
Cost: $15

Special agent Ava stands out among other counter-terrorist agents by not wearing bulky helmets and heavy gear. Additionally, the skin tone of her head, hair, and headphones partially blends with the surrounding environment, making her less noticeable. However, the cost of this agent is quite high as it is one of the most popular skins. We believe that the additional expenses are not justified for such a minor advantage.

Agent Description:

Initially underestimated, Special Agent Ava soon became her team's ultimate secret weapon. Despite receiving three out of five possible FBI Honorary Medals, Ava is surprisingly indifferent to her accomplishments. The way she sees it, it's nothing compared to growing up with four older brothers in urban New Jersey. Special Agent Ava takes pleasure from the simple things: clean wins, cold beer, and turning bad guys into thin crust pizza pie.

We hope that this information has helped you in choosing among affordable agents. We also recommend exploring other articles on similar topics, such as a selection of beautiful and affordable skins, as well as a list of interesting and accessible stickers.

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