The cheapest and most beautiful stickers in CS 2

The cheapest and most beautiful stickers in CSGO Guides

Stickers in CS 2 are another way to spruce up the look of weapons, just like skins. Stickers can be glued in different places, and most importantly, it is possible to stick on top of the skin, which increases its cost in total. Here is a list of ten inexpensive but beautiful CS 2 stickers, all of which are holographic.

Please note that the cost of stickers on Steam is relevant only at the time of updating this article. Updated 05/03/2023

Sticker - Bonehead (Holo)

Sticker | Bonehead (Holo)

Average price: $1.18

A very cheap and beautiful sticker, the best if you have a small budget, but you want to buy a beautiful holo effect. The sticker shows a chicken whose head was chopped off with a hook knife, hinting at rivals.

Sticker - Don't Worry (Holo)

Sticker | Don't Worry (Holo)

Average price: $1.25

Another very budget sticker, with a beautiful holo effect and a large holo effect plane. The sticker shows a counter-terrorist rescuing a hostage who tells him "Don't worry".

Sticker - Guinea Pig (Holo)

Sticker | Guinea Pig (Holo)

Average price: $0.64

The cheapest sticker in today's top, so he climbed a little higher than the previous stickers. Very well done for this price. As you can see in the screenshot above, the sticker is somehow related to the Danger Zone mode in CS 2.

Sticker - Fearsome (Holo)

Sticker | Fearsome (Holo)

Average price: $2.5

The sticker is already much more expensive than the previous ones, but the design looks more impressive. The sticker is in a sense more serious. The sticker will go well on the weapons of counter-terrorists, because the inscription "Fearsome in opposition".

Sticker - Retake Expert (Holo)

Sticker | Retake Expert (Holo)

Average price: $1.25

Another sticker best suited for counter-terrorists. The sticker shows a diffuser and the inscription "Retake Expert".

Sticker - Let's Roll-oll (Holo)

Sticker | Let's Roll-oll (Holo)

Average price: $3.7

Good lettering design, beautiful holo effect. The lettering "Let's Roll-oll" is in very appropriate colors.

Sticker - Boost (Holo)

Sticker | Boost (Holo)

Average price: $1.65

And another sticker that suits counter-terrorists better, because it shows one of the special forces squad. Very nice holo effect, great sticker.

Sticker - Teamwork (Holo)

Sticker | Teamwork (Holo)

Average price: $3.5

We enter the TOP 3, where we meet an inexpensive and very high-quality sticker. The design is at the highest level, and the holo effect occupies almost the entire area of the sticker. It depicts a handshake with the inscription "Team Work".

Sticker - Supreme Master First Class (Holo)

Sticker | Supreme Master First Class (Holo)

Average price: $2.3

Unusual sticker and very detailed, many details are added to it. The inscription on the sticker "Supreme Master" refers to the penultimate rank in the CS 2 game, namely the Supreme.

Sticker - Legendary Eagle Master (Holo)

Sticker | Legendary Eagle Master (Holo)

Average price: $1.3

Well, the first place in the top is just a great sticker, both in terms of design and in terms of price. Like the previous sticker, it refers us to the titles in CS 2, but in this case, this title is "Berkut". Made incredibly high quality, excellent design and idea, large area of the holo effect, strong holo effect, low price. Deserved top one in our ranking.

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