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Squid game CS:GO Maps

The South Korean TV series "The Squid Game" became very popular and it didn't take long for similar tests to appear in the CS:GO game. There are already maps and servers dedicated to quests from the Game of Squid. On the map we are going to look at today, you have to go through six tests. To complete each of them, you need a skill and a little luck. The map is designed for playing from 2 to 64 players, so this map can be installed on your server.

Server Squid game CS:GO

A full-fledged server for playing squid has already been created and is running. To enter this server, go to Play CS:GO. Instead of the official selection of games, we choose the list of community servers. Go to the favorites tab and enter IP:

There is an even simpler way, namely, enter the command into the console: connect

Another list of servers with the Squid game mode:

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Map Squid game CS:GO

The challenges on the map are exactly the same as in the Squid Game. Let's go through each of them.

Squid game CS:GO

  1. The first task is "Red light, green light", where you need to reach the doll while she says this phrase, and where you cannot make unnecessary movements while he is looking at you.Squid game CS:GO
  2. The second task is to cut the cookies into the required shape. If you cut off the extra element, then you have lost.Squid game CS:GO
  3. The next task is a tug of war. The players split into two teams and pull the rope to push the opposing team off the cliff.Squid game CS:GO
  4. The winners move on to the next task, namely the game of balls. You need to place a certain number of balls and guess whether the opponent has an even or odd number of balls. The winner is the one with the most balls.Squid game CS:GO
  5. The task is a bridge with glass. To get to the end of the bridge, you need to determine where is the glass that will withstand you, and where it will break under you and make you a loser.Squid game CS:GO
  6. The last task is the same as in the series. Those who remain will be given knives and there will be only one winner in the Squid Game.
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List of commands for the map Squid game in CS:GO. With an exclamation mark, commands for the chat, and commands in the console in parentheses.

  • !respawn (sg_respawn) - enable / disable respawn of players (works if there are less than 16 players);
  • !marbles (sg_marbles) (- enable / disable fast marbles game;
  • !restart (sg_restart) - restart the map;
  • !skip (sg_skip) - skip the current time;
  • !game1-6 (sg_game1) - launch a specific game;
  • !ru !en - language switching.

The CS:GO squid game map can be added to yourself using Steam or downloaded below.

Installation instructions:

  1. First, download WinRAR (not needed if you already have an unzip for rar and zip files).
  2. Next, install and unzip the file Squid Game CS:GO.rar.
  3. Find the extracted folder Squid Game CS:GO.
  4. After that, we separately find the maps folder, into which we will drop our map.
    1. Folder path: Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ maps.
  5. Transfer all files from Squid Game CS:GO to the maps folder.
  6. We go into the game in CS:GO.
  7. Find it in the list of maps or run it using the map squid_game.bsp console command.

Download map Squid game for CS:GO

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