The best maps for training aim in CS 2

The best maps for training aim in CS:GO Maps

Aim is the most important part of the gameplay in CS 2. The whole game depends on how quickly and accurately you aim. We have compiled a list of the best maps for aim training in CS 2, added a video review to each map and left links to download them. The cards are all diverse, so we hope you find a card to your liking.

YPRAC Bot Arena

Map for aim training – YPRAC Bot Arena

The map consists of 6 different modes. It has everything from bot training to target training. Everything is visually done beautifully and clearly. If you need to train your aim, then the YPRAC Bot Arena map is for you. To run the map in the console, enter map yprac_arena. Download link.

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Training Center 1.5c

Map for aim training - Training Center 1.5c

Having entered the map, we select the side of the Counter-Terrorists and the map menu appears in front of us. In it we can choose a weapon, customize the map and then choose from five aim training modes. Each aim training mode is unique and helps to improve your shooting and more. So, for example, in one mode, you can practice throwing grenades. In another, you can learn how to shoot through the door on Dust II. A very good map, and if you are tired of the monotony, then this map is for you. You can run the map through the console with the map tr_trainingcenter command. Download link.

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Aim Botz

Map for aim training - Aim Botz

The most popular map for aim training. It is practiced by streamers, pro players and regular gamers. The map attracts with a wide variety of parameters, which will allow you to better train shooting. So here you can put obstacles, challenge yourself, make bots move at different speeds and much more. 360 degree training is also a big plus. To launch this map, you can use the map aim_botz console command. Download link.

Recoil Master

Map for aim training - Recoil Master

Map from the creator of uLLeticaL (by the way, the previous one too) and if you translate the name of the map verbatim, then the translation is Recoil Master. And this is true, here the emphasis is not on quick aiming, but on a more accurate hit on the target. We added this card to our list for variety, it is the most unlike all the others. By training recoil, shooting will obviously improve no worse, and maybe even better. Watch the video review below and you will understand the principle of this card. The launch of the kata is possible through the console with the map recoil_master command. Download link.

Map for training aim - Fast Aim / Reflex

Another very popular card with streamers. The idea of the map is similar to Aim Botz, also shooting bots in 360 degrees, but there is a distinctive feature. Here the bots run at you and try to kill you. The map is also served with various settings. Download link. To launch the map in the console, write map fast_aim_reflex.

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