Top best CS 2 players in the world at the moment

In addition to the top of the best teams in the world, there is also the top best CS 2 players at the moment. Player rankings are based on an indicator called K/D. This indicator means the ratio of Kills to the number of Deaths, that is, how many frags a player makes for one death. Accordingly, the higher this indicator, the more useful the player is considered. The main K/D indicator, but there are minor indicators such as the number of cards and rounds played, as well as the team he plays for. This is very important, because a player who plays one professional match with a very good K/D score cannot be considered the best player of all time or even a year. Below are the top best CS 2 players of all time, but you can filter the top by the following metrics: match type (LAN or Online), time span (years or last months), number of players (top 10 or top 50) and the best players on certain maps.



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