Guess the location on the CS 2 map — Geoguessr for Counter-Strike 2

Spotguessr is a game similar to Geoguessr, but with a unique twist. Instead of guessing a location on planet Earth using Google Maps images, you have to guess the location on the popular game maps of the game Counter-Strike 2. You find yourself on random maps and you are shown an image of a random object on a given map. Your task is to determine as accurately as possible the place where it is located.

Currently, you can guess the location in popular games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Counter-Strike 2, Valorant, Call of Duty and Escape from Tarkov. There are plans to add more games in the future.

Guess the location on the CS 2 map

The map element is shown in the upper right corner, and on the left you need to mark a point on its expected location. The more accurately you guess the location, the more points you get. Below you can select the list of maps on which you want to take the test. Three types of tests are available on the main page:

  1. Complete randomness — guessing the location of objects on the map.
  2. Daily challenges — three new tasks to find objects on the map, which are updated every day.
  3. The solution to the map — the blurry image of the map becomes clearer every second. The task is to indicate the name of the card as early as possible.

There are rules of the game, following which you will score the highest number of points, namely:

  • Graffiti or door - on the map, click on the center of the graffiti or door.
  • Box or multiple boxes - push as close to the center of the boxes as possible.
  • Corner - Press at the deepest point of the corner.
  • Inaccessible room - click on the center of a room that is inaccessible to the player or located outside the map.

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