How to make an endless round in CS:GO

How to make an endless round in CS: GO Guides

It takes time to train aim, throw grenades, and study the map, but rounds in CS:GO last several minutes. To avoid the constant appearance of the map on the respawn, it is enough to use one console command, which works even without the mode of enabled cheats. In the guide, we will briefly and clearly tell you how to make an endless round, or how to make a round for a specific time.

First of all, we go to the map with bots, be it official maps or maps from the workshop, the main thing is that this is the server you have created. Turn on the console and write the console command mp_roundtime 9999.

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How to make an endless round in CS: GO

The numbers 9999 indicate the duration of the round in seconds. This number of seconds is equal to more than two hours, but the maximum time in a round is one hour.

In order not to wait for the end of the current round, it is enough to restart the map using the console command mp_restartgame 1, where the number is also the seconds until the map is restarted.

For a complete acquaintance with the topic of endless rounds in CS:GO, we recommend watching video on this topic.

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