How to earn money in AppWork and buy skins in CS:GO

Oh, already this sea of ways to "make some money quickly and without texting" on the Internet. Even if you haven't personally tried any of them, you've probably thought about trying. But something always got in the way and stopped you. Do you know what it was? You were just saving your strength and waiting for the moment. And it came. And not the moment, but the KEY MOMENT! Here is the story of AppWork, where you can earn your first thousand dollars in a couple of hours, without knowing how to do anything.

How it works

Every day mobile app developers spend a lot of time just to add their product to google play. The guys at Google aren't rushing anywhere. That's why apps are checked, to put it mildly, leisurely. An hour, two, three, then a lunch break. Then they have to have a little chat with John. And then, of course, a cup of coffee.

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The developers don't like it. But they can't do anything about it. Or rather, they couldn't before. Now the situation has changed dramatically. And they don't need to spend time on publishing, because now AppWork service takes care of that.

It works like this:

  1. A developer creates another masterpiece, which will definitely break the Google charts, and sends it to AppWork.
  2. Moderators check to make sure everything is OK, so that nothing bad or tricky gets sent to Google.
  3. If everything is ok, the job is published on the AppWork exchange, where it can be taken by any performer.

After the task is completed, the performer gets his money. The average amount of remuneration is 10 USD.

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What you need for work

How to earn money in AppWork and buy skins in CS:GO

Go to the platform site, register, then create a Google Play developer account, pay Google a commission of $ 25 and get to work.

It is clear that you are hardly able to program, and it is not necessary. You only need to publish the application, get the money and wait for the next order.

What is Google's commission?

To keep a whole staff of Johns, Google needs money. And where does it come from? Right, from developers. A sort of membership fee to join the club. But don't exhale in frustration. You will not spend a penny - your developer account will be paid for by AppWork, but on one condition.

You have to create an account yourself, pay for it, and take the first job on the exchange. Once you have done it, the money for the work and, attention, 2 thousand rubles as compensation for the spent 25$ will fall on your balance.

AppWork reviews

Reviews for AppWork are positive. In a nutshell: there is work and the money is paid. You can google it yourself.

Instead of a conclusion

The topic, as they say, "hot". While there are relatively few people working on the platform. And there are always jobs. But the cream, as we know, get the ones who started working earlier and managed to get their hands on it. 10 USD a day - this is not the limit. This is only the beginning.

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