How to play CS2? Get access to the beta test

How to play CS2 Get access to the beta test Guides

The long-awaited updated version of Counter-Strike, namely CS 2, is coming out soon. Almost all professional players, YouTubers and streamers have got access to CS2. Only 3% of regular players got access to the beta test. At the moment, there is no way to 100% get access to the CS2 beta test on your own, but the distributions of the new version of the game are constantly being updated.

In order to qualify for the next wave of hands, you need to play a lot of Competitive games (More than 250 matches), have more than 500 hours in the game and have a GREEN TRUST FACTOR.

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To receive the GREEN TRUST FACTOR, you must complete the following steps:

  • Turn on Steam Guard.
  • Make your profile public.
  • Be an active Steam user (like guides, have many friends, participate in discussions, take screenshots).
  • Play games without using cheats (e.g. wallhack, aimbot).
  • Get likes from friends.
  • Don't kick teammates out of games.
  • Don't block teammates, be kind to them.
  • View patrols.
  • Rate guides on Steam.
  • Add more friends.

Do not try to download a pirated version of CS2. A very big chance to get a VAC ban on your account! Don't worry, every day more players get access to CS2 BETA!

How to pretend that you have CS2 Prank your friends

How to pretend that you have CS2? Prank your friends

If you do not have access to CS2, you can prank friends on Steam that you are in Counter-Strike 2. To do this, you need:

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Go to the Steam Game Library.

Add a Non-Steam Game

In the lower left corner, click Add a Game and Add a Non-Steam Game.

Add a Non-Steam Game list

In the list of programs, select the program that, when launched, will display the status in Counter-Strike 2. I selected the Microsoft Edge program by clicking on "Browse" and finding a shortcut on the desktop.

Steam game properties

A new game should have appeared in the Steam library list. Right click on it and go to properties.

Rename the program

Rename the program to Counter-Strike 2.

Play Counter-Strike 2

Ready! Now we launch the program only with the help of Steam so that the status appears. If run through a shortcut, it will not be displayed on Steam. And wait for the reaction of the most attentive friends while you are just flipping through the pages on the Internet.

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